Four Rail Frame Construction

Dual Hydraulic Coolers

Four Rail construction is the backbone of our strength and durability

Keeps your system cool on even the hottest days





Large 9-Quart Hydraulic Fluid Tank with Dual Transmission Coolers

Reclining Seat Adjustment

Ensure maximum oil cooling and reduced operating temperatures

Puts you in complete control of your comfort.







Warner Electric's Mag Stop PTO Clutch and Brakes

1/4" Thick Solid Steel Deck Construction

Feature permanent magnet brake technology combined with electric clutch.

The absolute strongest in the industry.







Tachometer and Hour Display Gauge

Powder-Coat, Fusion Bonded Finish

Keeps you up to speed on performance.

Stands up to the toughest climates!







Heavy-Duty Drive System with High-Output 16L Hydro-Gear Pumps

Extension Arms

Drive the incredibly strong 18 cubic inch displacement wheel motors.

Makes for a comfortable driving postion for taller operators.