Advanced Chute System

Guard Dawg

Protect workers, motorist, pedestrians and others from flying debris.

For your smaller ZTR and walk-behind mowers with the same benefits as the Advanced Chute System.





Roll-Over Protection System (ROPS)

High-Intensity Headlamps

Folds back out of the way if not needed or for storage.

Keep you on the job longer when the days get shorter.







Clam Shell 10 Bushell PRO 12 Automatic Bagging System

Clear-Flow PRO BAGGER System

Additional blower powered by the mowers drive belt to boost large volumes of clippings into a huge easy-to-dump hopper.

Collects clippings in large, easy-to-change 8 bushell, 3-bag system.







Accelerator Industries Grass Catcher

Trailer Hitch

Unique side mount grass collector.

Removable and allows you to pull other equipment along for the ride.







Quick-Lift Jack

No Flat Tire

For fast, easy access to deck underside and blades.

Front fork tires will continue to perform even when punctured







Turbo Filter

Bar-Lug Tires

Generates a quick boost to your performance.

For tractor-type traction on any surface area.





Heavy-Duty Bumpers

Extension Arms

Protect property when working in tight areas.

For more comfortable driving positions for taller operators



Striping Kit


Creates a unique manicured effect on lawns and distributes any clippings.

Mounts on front for easy operator use.





Airfoil Wing

StukCup Magnetic Insulated Water Bottle

Adds Bad Boy attitude flair to the fastest mowers on the market.

Holds your favorite beverage firmly in place while keeping it cool.