Bad Boy Mower owners are extremely loyal and here are just a few reasons why, these are words from actual Bad Boy Mowers Customers.

I purchased a 48" mini Z...and man is mowing a blast. This little mower performs as good or better than any of the bigger and more expensive mowers that I have had the opportunity to demo. To say I am pleased is an understatement. The guys at Southern Landscape Supply in Cookeville Tn. were more than helpful when it came to my mower selection. I would recommend these mowers to anyone. You don't have to mow commercially to appreciate these machines...but it would give you more time to enjoy it. Thanks Bad Boy.


Its been two weeks since I bought my Standard 6000 from Kevin in Batesville. I would like to say that I couldn't be more please with the quality of cut. I am a residential customer and mow just under 3ac., the time to cut with my old mower was 1.5 hours, with my BadBoy it was done in 50 minutes, not including weedeating.


Hello All - I wanted to take a minute to discuss my great satisfaction with Bad Boy as a company and with Kevin Newington as a Sales Rep. I bought my mower from Kevin and I can't say enough good things about him personally. He is a man of his word. I have received a straight answer and his full cooperation on everything I've asked him. He has been an immense help to me on many subjects regarding my Bad Boy. I'd recommend him and the Company very highly for anyone who is considering a Bad Boy Mower. They have a quality product in the Bad Boy Mowers and great people like Kevin to insure customer satisfaction!


Once again you folks have demonstrated your commitment to your customers. Just wanted to say thanks for great service, an amazing product and commendable commitment to your customers.


I could not be more pleased with my new AOS 60" mower. I looked at a lot of mowers before deciding on this one. The build quality is unsurpassed in the industry. I would buy from this company again. Thanks for a great product.


I bought a Bad Boy in Gulfport, MS from Scott Tractor. I bought the 60 inch pup. Great Mower. Did a lot of research on the zero turn mowers and this seems to be by far the most bang for the buck. I have put about 15 hours on it and am very impressed. I actually look forward to cutting grass again.


After looking at numerous zero turn mowers, in person and on the internet, I didn't find any I liked. I've had two commercial ones previously. The new homeowner models did not seem very well built, very thin metal. The commercial ones were not a lot better and were priced $6,000 and up. The better ones were $8,000 and up and still not that great.

Then I found the Bad Boy Mowers. Checking for the nearest dealer, I found two. One was at the edge of a forest fire, the other a little closer - only 26 miles. After looking at the mowers, I was very impressed. I had a few questions and I have never called a manufacturer before that would switch you to people, who knew the answers. I've never seen a mower that was designed that well, built very heavy and designed for accessibility. I bought the Pup model, 30 horse, 52 inch cut.

The dealer is Milco in Bunnell, FL. Their personnel and also the factory rep, Brad Foree, were super to deal with.

I cut 2+ acres and I am enjoying doing so again. Hands down, they are the best mower built.

Thanks again, Ray, San Mateo, FL


My name is Kelley Conaghan.  I live in Tonkawa, OK.  I do quite a bit of community service for the community, including the care of one of our parks. I do all the mowing, weed eating and trash pick up.  I had a Craftsman at the time.  It took six hours to mow the park with it and it seemed to always be throwing a drive belt or needing one.  My husband, Charles, and I had been looking for a mower for about a year since the C-man was not performing optimally.  I not only had the park but other people were needing my mowing services.  Essentially, I  make enough from the paying jobs to take care of the volunteer mowing expenses.  Charles had been after me to go see John B. Hayes, in Ponca City, for weeks.  Just to shut him up I finally made it over there.  I thought he had one of your main competitors on the floor.  I fell in love with the Bad Boy the minute I laid eyes on it. John explained all the features to me and it just got better and better.  I left without buying one but couldn't wait to visit with Charles about it.  That was on a Saturday in May.  The following day, I had to mow the park.  I loaded up my C-man and went to the park.  I didn't get it off the trailer before it threw the drive belt.  I was not happy.  I called John that minute and he met me at the dealership so I could get that Bad Boy. I had to refinance my truck to get it, but I'd do it again in a heart beat. I am so very happy with the mower.  It keeps two of our four parks looking great and cut my mowing time at Ray See Park from 6 hours to about 2.  I've taken on more mowing jobs and the mower just can't cut enough grass.  I've only had it for one season and I can't wait for the next.  Thanks for making such a great mower.